Gerard Litjens - senior advisor

Since 1993, Gerard has lived in the Meinerswijk floodplain in Arnhem. Which was designed and implemented by Bureau Stroming in cooperation with the municipality. He has also supervised the management and public communication of this large urban nature development for many years. This project was provided by ARK, and Gerard helped found both Stroming and ARK in 1989. And the development project worked! The growing biodiversity and visitor numbers in this area provide a boost to the environment. 

After his studies at the Forestry and Cultural Technical School, he started working at ‘Utrechts Landschap, focusing on multiple floodplain development processes and he is still involved through Stroming.

Connecting nature with the people is Gerard's passion. Connecting nature with new housing forms, both on a visionary level and very concretely in pioneering situations in practice. Just as happens daily at Stroming. He collaborates with material extraction companies that need sand and clay thereby creating nature in the floodplains. Or involve the residents to participate and contribute to natural landscape development.