Stroming advises governments, businesses, and social organizations. The projects range from developing visions to drafting, elaborating, and guiding concrete layout plans. The broad expertise of our staff and regular network partners is also deployed for international clients.

Government, Business, Sustainable organisations and Individuals 

Key government clients include Rijkswaterstaat, water boards, Staatsbosbeheer, various national programs, the provincial government, and municipalities.

Stroming has developed various visions for businesses, including those for mineral extraction. This ideology has been put into practice in many locations on behalf of multiple companies (such as Consortium Grensmaas). Additionally, Stroming is increasingly being engaged by landscape developers and recreational companies

From the private sector, nature conservation organizations are significant clients, such as the World Wildlife Fund, Natuurmonumenten, Vogelbescherming, and various provincial landscape authorities. Local organizations, including residents' associations, also benefit from Stroming's expertise.

Clients Quotes 

Francois Verhoeven (Consortium Grensmaas):

"Bureau Stroming consistently showed passion, dedication, and quality in transforming the Grensmaas into a safer and more natural river. Bureau Stroming has made a significant contribution to the widely praised approach through which Consortium Grensmaas has gained broad support for the Grensmaas project; the largest river project in the Netherlands."

Bas Roels (Wold Wide Fund for Nature):

"I highly recommend working with Bureau Stroming. They provide excellent support and take work off your hands. Stroming stands out for me especially due to their excellent network and how they can quickly and practically build it when needed. Their extensive historical knowledge (and involvement) in the development of water-nature-space policies in the Dutch river and delta areas is refreshing."

Jeroen ter Brugge (Secretary, Federation Broekpolder):

"Expertise in ecology, soil, and landscape combined with an inventive, inspiring, and enticing design style make Stroming an ideal partner for collaboration. Our citizen initiative is consistently pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic about the well-founded landscape designs and layout plans, where Stroming proves capable of providing direction to sometimes hybrid inquiries."

Hank Bartelink (LandschappenNL):

"Bureau Stroming speaks the language of nature conservationists, businesses, and governments and succeeds in bringing these parties together. This is crucial because the best results are achieved through collaborations. Bureau Stroming is knowledgeable, solution-oriented, and, when necessary, unconventional. With these qualities, Stroming has secured a unique position."

Hans Hilleband (STIRR):

"With Stroming, there is a guarantee that our natural capital is managed well. At the same time, they are aware of the economic opportunities and understand what entrepreneurs want and don't want. This is a rare combination."