Daphne Willems - director

Rivers are my passion. As a river ecologist, I strive to understand the system in all its facets: the river's nature, morphological processes, economic activities, and how people can fully enjoy rivers.

I live in an old brick factory on the bank of the coolest river in the Netherlands, the Waal, and am amazed every day by its beauty, variability, relentless power, and charms. I carry that wonder and admiration into my work.

In my work, I am a connector, optimist, and pragmatist. My knowledge and experience are based on 25 years of working with rivers in the Netherlands, other European countries, Latin America, and Asia. The Rhine, the Vistula, the Amazon, and the Mekong: each river has its own characteristics, inhabitants, culture, and socio-economic challenges.

If we can identify those characteristics together and make smart use of them in spatial planning, we create a world that is more beautiful for both humans and rivers. And that's what drives me!"