Alphons van Winden - director

Alphons is active at Stroming since 1997. As a landscape ecologist, he understands the art of comprehending the physical and societal processes that form the landscape. Then, he applies this understanding in natural landscape transitions addressing societal challenges. 

How do you restore a stream or river’s meandering pattern and let it flow freely in a country where everyone and everything is bound to legislative rules? Therefore, people must be mobilized by creating inspiring visions and involving them in the unique qualities of the landscape.

In addition to his work for Stroming, he is interested in climate change, weather, and water levels. Alphons is particularly intrigued by the interaction between precipitation and water levels. Over 20 years, he has built up an extensive archive of the flood waves that have occurred in Dutch rivers. Through his website "waterpeilen" he shares his passion for water.

Alphons also guides people in exploring the recreational opportunities of the landscape by designing maps and routes.